The crime has been raising dangerously in Ether City in those last weeks. The mayor of the city, along with his friend the senator, gathered his best scientists to try to stop the chaos.

Soon after, the SuperGirlz were created. SuperGirlz are the 1st step to re-organize the city, and most of all, the 1st step in a huge project to create a new universe, centered around Super Heroes in Ether City.

SuperGirlz NFT is a collection of female super-heroes drawn in a anime/superhero mash-up style, defending Ether City against chaos.

It's the 1st step into a big scale project, which will later welcome the SuperBoyz, who will come to help SuperGirlz in their battle against the most dangerous SuperVillains. ‍

2 free SuperBoyz mint for the 500 first SuperGirlz owners you say?
Yes. It is a part of our roadmap, that we wanted fair with every future owner of a SuperGirl.

PRESALE: October 17th, 2021. 8pm UTC/GMT.
PUBLIC SALE: October 20th - 22nd, 2021. 8pm UTC/GMT.
MAX SUPPLY: 7 142 SuperGirlz.
PRICE: 0.07 ETH (+gas fees) per SuperGirl.

Super Girlz NFT is a collection of a maximum of 7.142 female super heroes , drawn in a crossover between anime and superhero style, stored on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

The presale will be opened from October 17th, 8 PM GMT/UTC until the public sale (3 days later).

The public sale will be opened for only 48 hours (so, from October 20th, 8 PM GMT/UTC until October 22nd, 8 PM GMT/UTC). You can mint as much SuperGirlz as you want during this time period. However, when the sale reaches its end, the collection will be LOCKED forever , and the remaining mintable SuperGirlz will be lost.

Kashmir, the Mayor

ViZion, the Senator