Our brand new NFT collection will be unveiled on June 30, 20:00 UTC. Owning a cool ape has never been so easy! Collect your Ape by pressing the mint button.

Soon after, the SuperGirlz were created. SuperGirlz are the 1st step to re-organize the city, and most of all, the 1st step in a huge project to create a new universe, centered around Super Heroes in Ether City.

We wanted to create a cool and free collection of Apes. chaos.

It's the 1st step into a big scale project, which will later welcome the SuperBoyz, who will come to help SuperGirlz in their battle against the most dangerous SuperVillains. ‍

2 free SuperBoyz mint for the 500 first SuperGirlz owners you say?
Yes. It is a part of our roadmap, that we wanted fair with every future owner of a SuperGirl.

PRESALE: October 17th, 2021. 8pm UTC/GMT.
PUBLIC SALE: October 20th - 22nd, 2021. 8pm UTC/GMT.
MAX SUPPLY: 7 142 SuperGirlz.
PRICE: 0.07 ETH (+gas fees) per SuperGirl.

Super Girlz NFT is a collection of a maximum of 7.142 female super heroes , drawn in a crossover between anime and superhero style, stored on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

The presale will be opened from October 17th, 8 PM GMT/UTC until the public sale (3 days later).

The public sale will be opened for only 48 hours (so, from October 20th, 8 PM GMT/UTC until October 22nd, 8 PM GMT/UTC). You can mint as much SuperGirlz as you want during this time period. However, when the sale reaches its end, the collection will be LOCKED forever , and the remaining mintable SuperGirlz will be lost.

Kashmir, the Mayor

ViZion, the Senator